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Vol. 2 No. 4 (2021)

Published: 2021-04-30

Green Graduation - A New Initiative at Global Scale!!!

Lokesha R, Vasudeva R, Patil D.K , Bheemanna M, Kattimani K.N


Sustainable Pest Management for Food Safety and Security

Kumar Varun Vijay, Sargam Swami, Swati Kumari, Aabha


Role of Plant Based Edible Oils for Human Diet

Lora Anusha P, Ratnakumar Pasala, Praduman Yadav, Sandhya Rani P, Umamahesh V, Krishna Teja I


Eco-friendly Practices on Utilization of Oil Palm Waste

Anitha Pedapati, Ravi Kumar Mathur, Bhagya H.P, Somasundaram G


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