Macro Focus On MicroNutrients

Angelin Silviya Ravindran
Susan Poonguzhali Ravindran


Looking back the history, to sustain the life, mankind was completely depended on hunting and gathering. When the exponential increase of population started, the food needs also got increased which paved a way for organized agricultural practices with its core focus on food security. Over last few years, the risk of death rates due to famine and food shortages have been decreased gradually but the micronutrient malnutrition status has been increased. It shows that the food needs of the population got its necessary focus whereas the balanced diet didn’t. A balanced diet should contain adequate quantity of macro and micro nutrients that a human requires in a day. The awareness and usage of macronutrients in food has got its importance whereas the micronutrients were often neglected. An attempt has made to furnish the role and importance of micronutrient in soil, plant or human health.

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