Green Graduation - A New Initiative at Global Scale!!!

Lokesha R
Vasudeva R
Patil D.K
Bheemanna M
Kattimani K.N


Green graduation is a new vista in the field of tree planting where every graduating student from an Agricultural University may have to plant a sapling as soon as he/she enters the university and nurture it until his/her stay.  Being a four year professional course, the sapling planted can get established by the time student completes the degree.  This act shall help in increasing the green cover, feeling for students to be close to nature and also help in biodiversity conservation.  If the species are chosen and include some endangered species, green graduation can also act as a conservation of endangered species.  Further, if it is made as mandate by ICAR, it can be eventually a big program at national level towards biodiversity conservation. One such initiative designed from UAS, Raichur has been discussed in the present report.

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