Eco-friendly Practices on Utilization of Oil Palm Waste

Anitha Pedapati
Ravi Kumar Mathur
Bhagya H.P
Somasundaram G


Oil palm not only high in its oil production, but also produce large quantity of agriculture wastes like oil palm leaves, empty fruit bunches and trunk. The more fibrous wastes generated from empty fruit bunch, leaves etc. are generally make use in different purposes like a mulching of leaves around the palm basins to conserve moisture as well to add organic matter to the soil. For production of biodiesel and biofuel the oil palm byproducts like shells, trunks etc. waste matter produced from oil palm. The organic rich waste products of oil palm can be utilized for electricity generation, piggery industry, as a fuel in boilers as an eco-friendly fuel and in many ways. The waste generated from the palm oil mills like decanter cake, empty fruit bunches after oil extraction, waste water from mill, mesocarp fibre, left over kernel cake after oil extraction, shells etc. byproducts plays an important environmental effects globally. As a consequence over there, the oil palm waste management in different stages is very essential to tackle this waste eco-friendly.


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